The production and quality of exportable products will be raised to make competitive in the international market. Necessary efforts will be made to increase and diversify exports of goods and services with objective of increasing foreign exchange earnings.
Exports will be promoted by raising the producing and quality of traditional as well as new products. Similarly, more emphasis will be placed on the export of profitable but processed and finished products. For the export promotion of these products, new markets will be identified.
Foreign exchange earnings will be increased and opportunities for gainful employment will be created by identifying and increasing the production of new products.
Services-oriented activities will be given to the export of hydro-electricity on a profitable basis.
For the effective utilization of manpower, stress will be given to the development of appropriate and potential skills to promote service sector as well as export of skilled manpower in an organized way.
Appropriate monetary, foreign exchange and fiscal policies will be formulated and necessary changes will be made in the administration procedures to make them liberal, simple and dynamic in order to implement above policies on an efficient, smooth and transparent basis.