Message From the President

Welcome to the Official website of
Export Council of Nepal (ECON)

Export Council of Nepal (ECON) is a representative association of Nepalese Export Trading Firms/companies which works for socio-economic development of the nation through the promotion of export business and dedicated in the promotion and the safeguarding of export trade of the country.

ECON, since its commencement, has been actively working and dealing with Government agencies and other export related organizations to enhance export and solve the problems in this sector. As export trade is the main source of national economy, this is the prime time to work jointly for its promotion. With the on going Economic Recession in the worlds arena, Nepalese export sectors has been facing with numerous problems and obstacles at home and abroad. And, we believe that joint efforts from the public and private sectors are the need of time to tackle down the problems and boost up export trade.
Having realized the importance and contribution of exports, ECON has been actively and regularly organizing a variety of promotional programs such as trade fairs/exhibitions, trainings, workshops and seminars finding out new products on export related matters.

This website has incorporated ECON’s activities, export related news, views, information, export trading firms/companies, exportable items, export policy, export procedures, information about different trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, trainings, workshops, new products etc which would help anyone to understand the export trade of Nepal.
I do believe that this website would help and support Nepalese exporters to get information that would promote their business. I hope that it would be useful to government agencies, private sectors and other concerned sectors as well.
Any suggestions/comments are highly appreciated.

Thank You