Handicraft Goods

http://nepalexport.org.np/images/handicrafts1.jpgMerchandise of All Hand Crafted Products beside above list such as
1. Incense: Many varieties of Incense products.
2. Bead WOrks: Ornaments, Decorative Articles and etc made of Glass Beads, Ceramic Goods - Glazed and Non Glazed earthenware.
3. Bone and Horn Goods: Buttons, Decorative Items and etc.
4. Hand Crafted: Dolls and Puppets of Nepalese Culture made of Cloth, Clay and Wood.http://nepalexport.org.np/images/handicrafts2.jpg
5. Hand Painted Thankas: Sacred Scroll Hand Paintings on Cloth or paper Based on Buddhist and Hindu Religious Scriptures.
6. Mithila Arts: Products based on the Motifs of Mithila Culture (from Janakpur District) such as Ceramics, Handmade Papaer, Wall Hanging and etc.
7. Stone Crafts: Icons, Statues, Decorative and Utility Products carved and made of stone.
http://nepalexport.org.np/images/handicrafts3.jpg8. Precious and semi precious stone: Cut/uncut stones such as Garnet, Lapis, Tipaz, Onyx, Moonstone, Agate, Jada and etc.
9. Nepalese Musical Instruments: Nepalese Ethnic/Modern Cultural Musical Items such as Drum, Madal, Tabla, Trumpet and etc.
10. Folklore Goods/Miscellaneous Goods and etc