Garments and Accessories

Woolen Garments and Accessories Articles made of Hand Knitted such as Pullovers, Sweaters, Cardigans, Mufflers, Socks, Leg Warmers, Caps and etc.
2. Articles made of Wooden Fabrics such as Garments and Accessories.
3. Articles made of Pashmina (Fine Goat hair from high mountains only) such as Shawls, Mufflers, Stoles, Sweaters,
4. Garments and other Accessories.
5. Articles made of fcalt such as Slippers, Bags, Hats and etc
Cotton/Rayon Garments and Accessories 
Articles made of Cotton/Rayon fabric such as Ethnic/Fashionable Garments and Accessories.

Other Garments and Accessories
Products produced by Hand Carving with the various types of Wood such as Door Panels, Figure of God and Goddess, Replicas of Famous Windows, Imitations of Temples, Monuments, Furniture, Many More Decorative Utility Articles and etc.