ECON-FHAN sign in pact

In a fresh bid to work for the promotion of exports, Export Council of Nepal (ECON) and Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal (FHAN) have signed a pact on March 29 amid special function in Kathmandu. ECON President Naresh Das and FHAN general Secretary Dharma Raj Shakya signed an agreement for mutual support and cooperation in handicrafts and export Promotion. the pact, President Das said that this would help to promote export trade of the country and cooperation in boosting exports. "This is an ample opportunity to work together for the enhancement of export trade", President Das said adding that ECON-FHAN pact would work for the mutual benefit.

FHAN President Pushkarman Shakya said that FHAN would bring all the export related association in one place to voice for the export sectors. 'We are happy to have ties with ECON and I am confident that this will open new chapter of cooperation", said Shakya adding that FHAN would extend cooperation to ECON with all efforts.

ECON first Vice President Arjun Bhattarai viewed that the pact would boost the morale of exporters and create a common forum to lobby the government for the export sectors.

Expressing the satisfaction over the pact, Second Vice President Hem Raj Dhakal lauded the importance of the pact. Tressure Dilli Tuladhar, Former President NY Gupta had also expressed their views at the function.

ECON General Secretary Hari Bahadur Karki and the FHAN general secretary read out the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two associations.

Likewise, FHAN vice president Bikash Ratna Dhakwa, and other office bearers had expressed their views.

According to the pacts, ECON and FHAN shall organize joint meetings for liaison and consultation on strengthening export development of handicraft, exchange information with regard to training, exhibitions, trade fairs and sharing of expertise, if required.

Likewise, MOU further reads that both parties shall work collectively when lobbing with the government for addressing common export problems, and avail their premises and resources to the party at concessional rate. As per the pact, FHAN will avail Rs 2,00,000 annually for strengthening ECON;s secretariat and reserve 2,00,000 for conducting joint programs with ECON for export development of handicraft products. Likewise, both parties have agreed to actively monitor the progress in the mentioned area and notify their parties periodically.